Caribnotes is a homegrown educational resource provider that is determined to bring relevant, quality secondary school resources to all stakeholders in the Caribbean. 

As it says in our About Us section, we are two long time educators who wanted to fill a need in the digital resource market.

We are continuously working on quality resources and will update the site once the resources are ready to be shared publicly. We are dedicated to responding to the needs of our clients in a timely manner without compromising our products.

You can simply shoot us an email with your proposal and information and we will reach out to discuss collaborating.

We work with PlugnPay one of the industry’s leading providers of ecommerce solutions so we encourage you to visit their webpage if you have questions.

We hold all copyright for any information found on this site and while we encourage teachers to utilise the resources that they buy, we ask that they do so responsibly; this means fully crediting our site and not using it for resale.
We cannot offer refunds on the type of product we produce as you have downloaded and already engaged with it and have it in your possession. Unfortunately it’s like buying food - if you take a bite and just don’t like it, it can’t be returned to be resold to someone else.

The extended activities include at least two of the following:

  • Short answer questions OR An essay question
  • A creative activity which will be either art / written based. Examples include writing a mirror
    poem or creating a collage.
  • A discussion box: The application of an aspect of the poem to a real life scenario to show
    the relevance of poetry in today’s society.
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